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Twites are sometimes called “the Scottish linnets”, but many leave Scotland in the winter, and most of them have probably gone by now. They are like slightly larger, darker brown linnets and have an orange throat, and in winter a bright yellow beak. They come down for the season to the English coasts, where they are often first seen as a fast-flying, chattering flock of up to 50 birds. They land on the beach where the waves are depositing seeds and similar food, and forage in a long, forward-moving line, with the birds at the back repeatedly flying up to the front to get their fair share. Back in Scotland in the summer they haunt the edges of the moors, nesting in heather and gorse. The male birds, which by this time have a pink rump, sing a harsher song than the linnet, with fewer of the linnet’s delicately twanging notes.

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Ted Nugent - Libre Para TodosTed Nugent - Libre Para TodosTed Nugent - Libre Para TodosTed Nugent - Libre Para Todos