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Eric’s story sounds like a movie script: Nazis killed his father’s father, while his mother’s father was a well-known mechanical innovator in Egypt. His parents were immigrants from Greece as well as geniuses in their field. Eric’s godfather would tell him stories about his good friend and neighbor Albert Einstein. His childhood was filled with academia: his father's list of impressive accomplishments includes his role of being one of the main co-founders of the University of Crete. Eric’s accomplished mother is highly regarded within Philosophy circles and through her published works. No one, it seemed, was especially musical.

2. Take pain relievers as prescribed until no longer needed.
The doctor prescribed Hydrocodone APAP to use at home for pain. I took it for 11 days, until I felt I could get by okay without it. There’s no need to play the hero by going without pain meds! Powerful narcotic analgesics, such as Hydrocodone, can be habit forming if taken for several weeks, but I didn’t have any trouble weaning myself off of it. You might feel a bit lightheaded and dizzy from the medication, but it’s a lot better that suffering in agony!